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.VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)


Prices are wholesale prices to registrars in $US per year per registration

.vc   $25
com.vc   $25
net.vc   $25
org.vc   $25


1. Registration is open to parties throughout the world.

2. Required Registration Information:

  1. In order to create a domain name, the following data elements are required:
    1. domain name
    2. registrant ID
    3. administrative contact ID
    4. technical contact ID
    5. registration term
  2. In order to create a contact, the following data elements are required:
    1. contact ID
    2. name (for administrative and technical contacts only)
    3. address
    4. city
    5. country
    6. phone number
    7. e-mail
    8. password
  3. In order to create a name server, the following data elements are required:
    1. name
    2. IP address (if the name server is within the .hn domain; the IP address is prohibited if it is not within .vc)
  4. Other data elements may be required as a result of further development of the System by Provider.

3. Pricing: For each .VC domain name registered
or renewed through Registrar, Registrar shall pay Provider $25 per year per domain name.

4. Transfer Fees: Transfers of .vc domain names from one registrar to another shall result in a one-year extension of the term of the domain name. Registrar shall pay Provider an amount equal to a one year Registration as listed above for each such transfer.

5. Registration and Renewal Terms: A domain name can initially be registered for a period of 1 year. A domain name can be renewed in one-year increments for a period of up to 10 years. The registration term of a domain name may not exceed 10 years at any given time.

6. Grace Periods and Renewal Dates: The following grace periods and renewal dates shall apply:

  1. add grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of initial registration will be credited back to Registrar; and
  2. renew/extend grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of a renewal will result in the cost of the renewal being credited back to Registrar;
  3. transfer grace period: domains deleted within 5 days of a transfer will result in the transfer fee being credited back to the gaining registrar; and
  4. domain names automatically renew at the end of their term.
  5. Auto-Renew Grace period: 45 days
  6. Redemption grace period (RGP): 30 days.
  7. Redemption hold period (RHP): 5 days.
  8. RGP Restore fee per domain: $75.00

7. Rules of Registration: The following rules must be followed when registering a .vc domain name:

  1. domain names may include only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-");
  2. domain names cannot have more than 63 characters, not including extensions;
  3. minimum length of a domain name is 2 characters, not including extensions; and
  4. domain names may not begin with a hyphen; there are no IDNs allowed.